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I recently came across an interesting story about Mr. Suresh Khare, a famous personality in Marathi theater. Here, as the story goes, has a cabinet which has 12 hangers. He hangs all the shirts that he has on these hangers.

Whenever, on festivals, birthdays he gets any shirts as gifts he keeps them in the same cabinet with 12 hangers but does not buy new hangers to take care of the new shirts. How does he manage to keep 12 old shirts plus the new ones on 12 hangers?

His solution is simple – he keeps the new shirts and discards some old ones which he gives away to someone who needs the same.

An unusual habit, which makes so much sense.

If everybody decides to the same, imagine the impact that it can have on the not so privileged people with very little to cover their bodies.

And then there are a lot of NGOs. or social workers who are providing the link to take such things from giver to needy.

Really amazing!

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