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The movie Toilet successfully delivers the message that toilets are very very important part of your life.

Sanitation is important for good health and toilet is just one component in the whole chain. Sanitation includes provision of facilities for collection and disposal of human urine and feces. It also includes garbage collection and wastewater disposal. Good sanitation facility can prevent deaths of children under 5 whose main cause of death continues to be diarrhoea.

The sanitation problem requires a system approach and cannot be solved by simply providing toilets. Behavioral aspects also assume significance and that is where our neighbour Bangladesh seems to have done better.

Bangladesh focused on educating people about the importance of sanitation facilities The Government along with NGO s took help of village councils in this. Having a toilet became a point of pride. Women participation in decision making process, especially in deciding the location and type of toilets ensured that the whole exercise becomes effective. The program has achieved in providing good sanitation facility to at least half the rural population so far.

Indian approach has been to humiliate the people. There are stories of people defecating in open being photographed and being paraded in public to Shane them.

The focus also was on providing subsidies which as the record (and movie also) shows, may have resulted in wasteful expenditure. The Government plans to spend $29 billion in providing subsidy for toilets.

It is time to learn a few things in the area of sanitation, from a country which showed effectiveness of micro finance institution to the world.

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